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Azacca® Hops Pellets - Versatile American Aroma Hop Variety

Azacca® Hops Pellets - Versatile American Aroma Hop Variety

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Azacca® Hops boast an intense tropical fruit profile, with sustained impressions of apricot and very ripe mango, accompanied by notes of pears, apples, and a subtle pine undertone. Crafted to perfection, Azacca® is celebrated for its exceptional aromatic qualities, making it a versatile choice for late and dry hop additions across a spectrum of beer styles. Its high myrcene fraction has already earned it a special place among IPA brewers, who relish its ability to elevate hop-forward brews to new heights.

With an average alpha acid content ranging from 14.0% to 16.0%, Azacca® Hops Pellets offer both potency and complexity, providing brewers with the tools to create bold and unforgettable brews. Elevate your craft and embark on a brewing adventure with Azacca® Hops Pellets, where every sip is a celebration of nature's finest flavors.

Key Features/Benefits:
  • Aroma: Tropical Fruit (Apricot, Mango), Pear, Apple, Pine
  • Alpha Acid Content: 14.0% - 16.0%
  • Usage: Late and Dry Hop Additions
  • Recommended Styles: IPA, Pale Ale, American Amber Ale
  • Usage Tips:
    • Add Azacca® hops during the late boil or in dry hop additions to maximize their aromatic qualities.
    • Use 0.5 - 1 oz per gallon for bittering, and 1 - 2 oz per gallon for aroma.
    • Ideal for IPA, Pale Ale, and American Amber Ale styles, where its tropical fruit notes can shine.
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