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Outside entrance to What's Brewing? Supply located in Steven's Point shopping center in Palatine, Illinois.

 Welcome to What's Brewing? Supply, your ultimate destination for all things beer and wine crafting, conveniently situated at 335 West Northwest Highway in Palatine. We're dedicated to providing top-notch ingredients and friendly assistance to help you master the art of brewing.

What's Brewing? Supply owner Nancy Fanta poses with Hopman at local brewing event.

Step into our store and discover a treasure trove of brewing essentials. From premium malt and aromatic hops to specialized yeast strains, fermentation equipment, and home brewing hardware, we've got everything you need to brew exceptional beer and wine right at home. Whether you're a novice brewer eager to explore the basics or a seasoned aficionado refining your techniques, our knowledgeable team is here to lend a helping hand. 

Don't miss our lineup of educational classes tailored to brewers of all skill levels, where you can learn valuable tips and tricks to elevate your brewing game.

 What's Brewing? Supply is led by Nancy Fanta, whose family boasts a rich brewing tradition. "Brewing is a tradition in my family. My enthusiasm, experience, and desire for brewing has motivated me to launch a home brewing store." 

Inside of What's Brewing? Supply home brewing storeConveniently located in the Steven's Point shopping center, nestled between Quentin Road and Smith Street. 


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