About - What’s Brewing? Supply

Outside entrance to What's Brewing? Supply located in Steven's Point shopping center in Palatine, Illinois.

 Welcome to What's Brewing? Supply, your ultimate destination for all things beer and wine crafting, conveniently situated at 335 West Northwest Highway in Palatine. We're dedicated to providing top-notch ingredients and friendly assistance to help you master the art of brewing.

What's Brewing? Supply owner Nancy Fanta poses with Hopman at local brewing event.

Step into our store and discover a treasure trove of brewing essentials. From premium malt and aromatic hops to specialized yeast strains, fermentation equipment, and home brewing hardware, we've got everything you need and more to brew exceptional beer and wine right at home.

"And more?", you ask yourself. Yes, you read correctly. Our secret weapon? Look no further than our owner, Nancy Fanta. She's not just any owner - she's a brewmaster extraordinaire, a craft beer aficionado, and a true jack-of-all-trades. Nancy's got the know-how on everything under the sun. In fact, her family affectionately dubbed her "Nancy-Know-It-All" because she always has the answers to everything and an endless list of passions. Whether it's brewing beer, carving wooded statues, or tending to her bees for honey, Nancy's done it all. And hey, you can even snag some of Nancy's homemade honey right here in-store.

While being branded "Nancy-Know-It-All by your own kin might sound like teasing, it's actually a badge of honor for a store that prides itself on going above and beyond to ensure every guest leaves happy and ready to tackle their project. There's no question too tough for Nancy-Know-It-All and her team - they're always eager to lend a hand. 

Sound like you want to meet her? Then don't Inside of What's Brewing? Supply home brewing storemiss her lineup of hands-on educational classes tailored to brewers of all skill levels, where you can learn valuable tips and tricks to elevate your brewing game.

Can't make it in for a class this month? Visit Nancy's blog to see her knowledge and overwhelming passion for brewing in its written form. 

"Brewing is a tradition in my family. My enthusiasm, experience, and desire for brewing has motivated me to launch a home brewing store."