Putting together your Kegerator


Make sure all Co2 lines are clamped.

If you use a 3/16” beer line, you do not have to clamp.

To install the 3/16” beer line on the ¼” tail piece or faucet shank, soak it in very hot water for a minute or two and it will soften enough to push on. Make sure it is at least 6 ft long. This prevents foaming.

When connecting the beer nut (beer line) to the coupler, make sure the beer washer goes in between the beer nut and the beer in side (top) of the coupler.

Make sure there is an o-ring or plastic or fiber washer between the regulator and the tank. No metal on metal. Also you do not need to use plumbing tape.

Tighten the connection from the Co2 tank to the regulator two-finger tight.

Test for leaks by opening the tank and setting the serving pressure to 10 psi. Close the tank valve and wait 1-2 hrs. If the serving psi does not change there is no leak.

Troubleshooting Gas Leaks

If the above procedure indicates there is a leak, spray all places where there is a connection with soapy water. (The gas leak detection solution sold at your hardware store works really well) Even the stem on the tank can leak.

If the leak is found, correct the problem and repeat the above procedure to confirm.

If the leak is not found, try narrowing down the location of the leak.

    Open the Co2 tank and make sure the regulator valve is closed. Note the pressure on the dial and close the tank.

      If the pressure goes down then there is a leak between the regulator and tank.

      If the pressure stays the same, the leak is after the regulator.


      Pouring your first beer

      It is best to let the beer rest for 24 hrs inside the kegerator after transporting since it usually is shaken during transport.

      If you can’t wait, you can equalize the pressure using the following steps:

      1. Connect the coupler to the keg.
      2. Back the regulator pressure knob(or screw) counter clockwise until the pressure goes to zero.            
      3. Close the Co2 valve located on the regulator.
      4. Pull the Co2pressure relief valve on the coupler letting out the gas.
      5. Open the valve on the regulator.
      6. Slowly turn the regulator pressure knob clockwise until the dial is at the desired pressure. (usually between 8-12 psi)
      7. Pour yourself a beer. The first glass might be foamy since the beer line is warm inside the tower.