Cleaning beer line on a kegerator system

It’s almost time to watch the football game. You have a full keg of beer in the kegerator and some friends are coming over. You pour yourself a cold one to make sure everything is adjusted properly and the beer tastes terrible and is foaming excessively. The cause of your troubles is a dirty beer line.  Mold, bacteria, yeast, and precipitate build up in your line and can “yellow flag” your day. You should clean your beer line every 2 weeks with beer line cleaner.  Proper sanitation will make a much better beer tasting experience.  Follow the steps below to clean your system

  1. Shut off the gas at the tank or regulator.
  2. Un-tap the disconnect (coupler) from the keg.
  3. Unscrew the liquid line beer nut at the coupler.
  4. Place the line end into a bucket to collect the line cleaner.
  5. Using the faucet wrench, remove the faucet.
  6. Take apart the faucet and coupler and place in some of the diluted cleaner for 2-5 minutes. Brush and then rinse the disassembled parts with water. Once clean, re-assemble them.
  7. Place the diluted cleaner in the cleaner apparatus, connect to the faucet shank (Where the faucet was connected), and push cleaner into the line. When the entire line is filled with cleaner, let it soak for 5-30 minutes depending on how dirty the line is.
  8. Rinse and refill the cleaning apparatus with water. Reconnect the cleaner and flush the line with plenty of water.
  9. Reconnect the faucet and the coupler. To the system, reconnect the keg, and open the gas line.
  10. Pour yourself a beer. Cheers!
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