The Mantis by Jaded Brewing
The Mantis by Jaded Brewing

The Mantis by Jaded Brewing

$ 109.95

he Mantis is the the only chiller that is designed to optimize a kitchen faucet as a chilling water source, while giving homebrewers speed and efficiency. It does this using dual 25', super efficient 1/4" copper tubing coils connected in parallel. If you are one of the many homebrewers that are restricted to using a kitchen sink, you can't chill faster than the Mantis! The Mantis is perfect for anyone from a new extract homebrewer up to the experienced all-grain brewer that is relegated to a kitchen sink for their chilling water source. The Mantis is so finely tuned for speed AND efficiency, that a 2.5 gallon batch can be chilled in 3.5 minutes using only 7 gallons of chilling water* and a 5 gallon batch can be chilled in 7 minutes using only 14 gallons of chilling water*. Also, because of the efficiency of the Mantis' design, the listed chilling times can be achieved using a kitchen sink, utility sink, or a garden hose spigot. The Mantis also features low profile chilling coils, at only 4" tall, that will be fully submerged in even the smallest of batches.


Chiller specifications:

Chills 5 gallons of wort to pitching temps in 7 minutes*

Only uses 14 gallons of water

Chilling coils: 10" diameter, 4" high

Input/output: 16" or 20" to top of bend (choose in the drop down menu)

Connection type: Female 3/4" Garden Hose Thread brass fitting (an aerator adapter will be necessary for connecting to a kitchen facet).

Why choose between having speed or efficiency when the Mantis gives you both!