Omega Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient for Hard Seltzers
Omega Propper Seltzer Yeast Nutrient for Hard Seltzers back of packet

Omega Propper Seltzer

$ 6.99

Propper Seltzer is a a yeast nutrient for non-malt sugar-based fermentation. This nutrient is compatible with any strain of yeast including beer yeast, wine yeast, and distillers yeast, and was created to make things easier for brewers looking to create their own hard seltzer. Hard seltzer fermentation differs from standard beer brewing because solely using sugars, such as dextrose, do not contain the essential nutrients that malt naturally does. So, in order to propel thorough fermentation, the yeast needs precise measurements of specific elements and nutrients. This led Omega Yeast’s R&D crew to collect data and put together the proprietary nutrient blend that allows brewers to brew a hard seltzer with just a single dose. Can be used for session meads and Kveik yeasts!