King Cobra by Jaded Brewing
King Cobra by Jaded Brewing

King Cobra by Jaded Brewing

$ 174.95

The King Cobra is the first immersion chiller designed specifically for “stock pot” type brewing kettles.  

Its unique design allows for maximum chilling power and efficiency in wide kettles. 

With the King Cobra, you can keep all of the chilling power where it needs to be. IN THE WORT! 

Similar to JaDeD Brewing’s Hydra wort chiller, the King Cobra consists of three, 25’ - 3/8” chillers running in parallel, taking the King Cobra only 3.5 minutes to chill 5 gallons of wort to 68 degrees Farenheit using 58 degree Farenheit tap water!   

The solid brass garden hose fittings are threaded onto soldered 1/2" MIP fittings on the chiller, which is superior to a compression fittings that can leak. 

 All JaDeD chillers use potable water safe, lead free solder for soldered connections.

Chiller specifications:

Chilling coils: 14”diameter, 4” high

Input/output: 20” to the bottom of the bend ("Tall" height is 25" to the bottom of the bend)

Don't be fooled by other knock offs!!!!