Clear Candi Syrup
Dark Candy Syrup 80 SRM
Belgium Candi Sugar 180 SRM

Belgian Candy Syrup 1 lb Pouch

$ 6.50

Belgain Candi Syrup has more flavor than traditional candy rocks. This syrup is actually made in Belgium, and is the same sugar that the breweries themselves are using to craft their smooth, rich, and malty beers that have been enchanting beer lovers for years. 1.032 per pound per gallon water.

This is a traditional light colored candi syrup, cooked briefly to achieve high fermentability and to partially invert sugar. Will not add any color to wort.   Color: 0 SRM 

This syrup is deep red/ black in color. It’s flavor is full of soft caramel, vanilla, plums and raisins. Highly fermentable. Color: 80 SRM

Extra Dark:
D-180 is our premium extra dark Belgian style Candi Syrup. It has the unmistakable flavors of fresh ground coffee, dark stone fruit, and toasted bread. D-180 is the basis for the perfect cloning of Westvleteren 12, Rochefort 10, and many other dark Belgian Ales. When you consider brewing specialty ales like these, consider the more authentic end result, superior flavor, darker color, and exceptional results of D-180.
Ingredients: Beet sugar, date sugar, and water. Color: 180º SRM.