CornyPillar by Jaded Brewing
CornyPillar by Jaded Brewing
CornyPillar by Jaded Brewing

CornyPillar by Jaded Brewing

$ 119.95

Small enough to fit through the opening of a corny keg, the CornyPillar will deliver the fast chilling times that JaDeD Brewing is know for. Works great with the Picobrew Z ! Using two 25' coils of 1/4" copper tubing, the CornyPillar can chill a 3 gallon batch of wort to 10° Fahrenheit above your chilling water temperature in less than 6 minutes and it doesn't need ANY ice to do it!*
The CornyPillar is designed for homebrewers using an automated brewing appliance that utilizes a corny keg as the boil kettle. This type of appliance is normally designed for a no-chill type brewing. However, if you decide that you would rather chill your wort, you are left with using either an ice bath that takes 45 minutes and uses 10-15 lbs of ice, or a reverse immersion chiller that uses 7 lbs of ice and chilling times that are 25 to 30 minutes in duration. 
Copper tubing: Two 25' coils x 1/4" O.D. run in parallel.

Input/output lines: Two 5' sections of 3/8" vinyl tubing with 3/4" female garden hose adapter for the input

Chilling time: 6 minutes for 3 gallon batch (in a corny keg) to 10° F above tap water temperature

Recommended chilling water source: Any source (kitchen sink faucet, utility sink, garden hose spigot, etc.)

Shown with optional stand, corny keg in pictures is for size comparison and not included.

*Please note: you will not be able to chill your wort below your tap water temperature. If you need to get your wort close to (less than 5° F difference), or below your tap water temperature, you will want to use the CornyPillar for the initial chilling and then put the corny keg in an ice bath for the remainder of the chilling. While we do our best to design the world's fastest chillers, we are still limited by thermodynamics. Using the CornyPillar in any situation is going to save you a large amount of time and ice over the traditional methods of chilling in a corny keg.